The body has an innate sense of being able to heal itself.  It is the stresses and strife of everyday life that get in the way of that. When your energy is in balance you are in optimum health and able to grow in a physical and spiritual manner. If there are blocks that arise due to issues that come along, then the body becomes out of balance and illness or injury may occur. Compare it to a beautifully flowing river with sparkling fresh water, then put a dam in the middle of it and see the water stop flowing and get murky because the flow has stopped. The same thing happens in your body-toxins build up where the energy can't flow, creating blocks that create illness and/or pain. Reiki and Crystal Healing are two forms of healing the body that break up the blocks in the flow-Reiki is hands on or off with a light touch emitting healing energy through the hands. Crystal Healing is the placement of certain Crystals on the body that will cause healing due to Crystal Entrainment and the healing properties of the Crystals. Essential oils are also an important piece of healing arts, as herbs have been used for thousands of years instead of medicines. There are so many that are sensitive to medication, or just cannot get the right dose for whatever ails them. This is where oil formulas can assist the body heal naturally with no side effects. Begin your journey into healing by creating energy flow and peace instead of staying in pain or poor health. Click on the orange icon at the bottom of my Home page to receive my Blog entries, updates, and more info!