Spend an hour and a half with your Angels, Arch Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and loved ones who are on the Other Side.  I never know who will show up in the Channel! I have been humbly graced with the ability to channel healing energy and messages from the Divine Realm for your highest good, as well as have access to your Loved Ones on the Other Side.  My Arch Angels came to me during a Visionary Soul Healing that I experienced in 2010, and reminded me of my Life Purpose; to work with their healing energy to benefit others. Ever since then, I have been a Channel for them to you. A typical session last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, and you are on my treatment table in a prone and comfy position. We connect with our left palm Chakras after a brief meditation, and I call forward those from the Divine Realm who have messages and healing for you during the session, and I start speaking their words. Since I go into a trance state, I record the session for you and mail the CD so you can listen to it as many times as you like!  I request that you come in with 2-3 questions to ask for guidance, and we go from there. But don't be surprised if your answers are not what you expect-the Divine Realm knows what is most beneficial for you, and that is the information that is channeled! Healing also can occur, as I work closely with AA Rafael, and it does not take much prodding for him to come forward and run his energy through you. If you desire to speak to your Loved Ones, that can be done as well.  The results that I have seen from my clients are astounding-lives have truly changed! When we turn our lives over to the guidance of those who know best for our highest good, only beautiful things can happen. 


"I had the most amazing angel reading by Jessica on New Years Eve and it was such a blessing. What an amazing way to start the new year! I found out my son is working alongside my beautiful guardian angel from the other side to help me in all aspects of my life. I had a physical healing by Archangel Raphael in my jaw and my lower abdomen...both of which have been troubling me for years and have been gone since my session with Jessica. I found out I have issues with dairy products and "white foods" and have had more energy and felt great since adjusting my eating habits. And I got information about my life path and healing for my grief which I've been carrying around.....and SO much more. If you haven't experienced a session with Jessica, I highly recommend it! She has a beautiful gift of communication with Spirit and does so much good in this world. Thank you, Jessica!!"   Cathy C., Fresno CA