Healing is not Curing


I had a beautiful conversation with a Client the other day, and I am grateful for her awareness due to that being the result of the Oncology Reiki and Divine Intentional Healing over the past year. She came to me as a referral from another Healer who knew that I did Oncology Reiki, and she was hopeless, at the end of her rope…..She just wanted help, and to not be filled with hopelessness.

I have been in business for a long time-but I am only human and felt alot of self imposed pressure. All she wanted to do was to go to an Elton John concert and 2 vacations, and if she was lucky she wanted to host 1 last of her infamous Xmas parties. She came to me wanting to emotionally feel better, so she and her family could enjoy time, and they would be ok. That is exactly what she received-over and over again.

During her last office visit (I will be doing house calls from now on), she thanked me for all that we have done together so far, especially “her” Crystal Bowl-which she looked forward to every 3 weeks! She then wanted to make it clear to me that initially she knew that OR & DIH were not “cures” for her, they were a chance for her to heal the parts of her that needed to be healed. I told her to get out of my head! LOL! I teach that alot in Classes and share with others as well. She was and still is grateful for what the Healing Energies granted her-time, her family coming into acceptance, healing with “her” Crystal Bowl, and a higher awareness of her life and those within it.

I share these words with you because my beloved Client truly understood what Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing and Angelic Healing is all about-Healing what needs to be healed. The Healing Practitioner holds space while Healing Frequencies are channeled into and around the Client. Any good Practitioner will tell you that as they Channel, the physical body comes to a point of complete relaxation due to the nervous system being slowed down. This state of relaxation allows the Physical and Emotional Bodies to release the blocks that are causing distress in the Body/Mind/Soul. Healers are not surgeons that can operate and remove Tumors and Bone Spurs-but we can do Energetic Surgery in order to cut or release the energy continuing to cause the issue. Reiki is Spiritual Life Force Energy, that has an innate sense where it is needed, and our Physical Body also has that innate sense of flowing into optimum health at that time. This is how healing works-it is not a cure. Believe me, I wish it was a cure!!!

I cannot pick and choose what gets healed in my body or anyone else’s. There are too many variables at play; whether it be Life Chart, Highest Good, a person’s choice, or continued immersion in a toxic life. If we could pick and choose, we would live in Utopia and never die! All healing begins at the Etheric Level, then moves into the Emotional Level, then possibly into the Physical Level. Energy creates blocks, which create illnesses, which create issues all of sorts. So, it is necessary to focus on the Aura and Chakras, for that will cause flow into the organs and bones. Then maybe, just maybe we can focus on the physical even more. I am not the Ruler of the Healing Universe-I am writing what I know, what I experience and what I have been taught & teach others. There are many out there who will disagree wildly, and that is alright with me. I am grateful for my work, my teachings and most of all my Clients who remind me on an ongoing basis that Cure and Healing are 2 different aspects of life.


Crystals Ascend Too!!!

Lepidolite has long been my number 2 favorite Crystal  (Aquamarine is my number 1), and it is still by my side constantly. I was introduced to the seemingly gentle Lepidolite many years ago during a Crystal Healing Course and immediately ran out and bought a whole bunch! It was after my Mother had passed away, and I was plagued by anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks on a daily basis. Once I placed 3 Lepidolite on my bedside table, and just as many in my pillowcase, my daily panic attacks stopped within a couple nights of sleeping amongst  my new Crystal Allies. And yes, I have even more of them in my bed and bedside now! I cannot get enough of this beautiful and powerful Crystal.

With a makeup of  Lithium, Mica, Quartz and Aluminum, Lepidolite is the Crystal for Anxiety/Insomnia/Stress and Nervous System Disorders due to its Lithium content. It has certainly worked for me over the years, and I often  use it on my Clients who deal with Anxiety/Trauma/Release. For myself, I used to hold it (sometimes for dear life), put it in my pockets, wear as a pendant, etc. For Clients, I sometimes put them in their hands or surround the body with 4 on each side.

Then Mother Earth had a huge ascension period and poles flipped and now all Crystals have ascended as well!!!

Allow me to explain further. I realized that Crystals ascend as well once I noticed the change in Lepidolite. I was talking with a friend about Lepidolite, and she mentioned how she felt a strong buzz and expansion take place while meditating with it. It dawned on me that I had not been sleeping well because I had been sleeping with my newest Lepidolite, and once I took it to my office I slept great once again. I had her hold a different one, and it calmed her immediately-I had my ‘ah ha’ moment. After meditating with my newest piece (the bigger one in my photo), my Lepidolite connected with me in a much higher frequency than my other pieces. This was a newer find/mined piece, and most of my others were older.  The frequency has changed to a much higher and more refined one-still great for Anxiety/Depression/Nervous Disorders, but not for Insomnia.

Newer find Lepidolite (ask your Crystal Dealer which is newer) is great for Expansion/Meditation/Ascension and most importantly, Release! In order to be able to Ascend, Release or Spiritually Shift, one should be open and free of  many toxins in their Physical and Etheric Bodies. Lepidolite is able to assist with this, as it can be calming with the Lithium and create strong resonance with the Physical Body due to the Silica in it. Simply put-less and less side effects with Ascension!  I have separated my Lepidolite into ‘Old find’ and ‘New Find’-for sleep and anxiety or calm shifts and release. I use my new big one on my Heart Center or Crown Chakra for releasing and clearing, and because it feels yummy…...The older pieces are in my pillowcase and bed to promote calm sleep.

As I look back to my ‘ah ha’ moment, I think “Of course!!!! All that Mother Earth creates ascends along with her!”. It is the natural order of life itself-Mother Earth is constantly creating, heating, washing, combining, breaking and loving minerals and metals and other elements in order  to create Crystals, and when she resonates to a higher frequency, everything created within her does as well.


We Get to Know You

We get to know you

  The Client-Healer relationship can be a mystery, and be built quickly.  Partly because of the fact that it is a business transaction-yes, I typed that…..But more importantly, it is a relationship filled with trust and communication, which calls for vulnerability on both sides. I also believe that  due to confidentiality and the fact that Healers cannot discuss Clients with others, this builds a bubble around the relationship as if the two of us are the only ones that know what goes on during a session. We do, we get to know you.

  Clients ask many questions-such as how their Chakras get blocked, what messages are coming through, how to support their treatment once they get home, how to clear a Crystal, which Meditation is best for them on YouTube, etc. (I do this to my Healing Team as well.)  They want to be on the path to their Highest Good, and trust that I and others will support that intention. Sounds like there’s a bit of pressure with that? Nah, it is an honor to hold space and nurture Client’s intentions. To be able to witness and validate the shifts that occur from each Session is perhaps the most humbling and beautiful part of my job, and my Clients are some of the bravest individuals I know. This is how we get to know you on an entirely different level than anyone else in your life. We do, we get to know you.

  At times there can be intense and intimate discussions within the Client-Healer relationship; it happens when Clients feel comfortable and safe. This is an aspect of releasing or letting go of energetic blocks, and where deep trust comes in. We do, we get to know you.

On an energetic level, I am literally within my Client’s Aura for over an hour as I channel Reiki or Divine Intentional Healing through my hands and Chakras. My Clients give me permission to be in their Aura for that long, and to me that is being closer than even the best hug! More beautiful is that the Client’s Soul is willing to receive, in order to stabilize the frequency of the Client due to the releases during the session. That is trust. We do, we get to know you.

And you get to know us too.

Namaste, Jess

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