Let’s get real-I love Selenite! It has always mesmerized me with its layered white stacks of fragile fibers, seemingly vibrating right out of my hand! The polished and carved pieces would also fascinate me due to the fact that they become so easily scratched and dented, yet strong at the same time.  Then, I learned about Selenite, and really fell in love with it. 

Selenite is a form of Gypsum, and has a hardness of 2, so never put it in water. The best Selenite is found in Mexico and New Mexico, forming in evaporated beds of clay, caves and in hot springs. Thus, creating a fragile Crystal that most of the time has enhydro bubbles in it. I enjoy looking into the science of Crystals, since that turns into the Physics aspect and finally the Energetic reality. If you can imagine a Crystal forming under intense heat and pressure, fighting its way to the top layer of clay and being fragile at the same time-this is a survivor and very strong! 

It usually forms in ‘logs’ or wands, which is excellent for the spine-you know what else runs along the spine?? Yes, the Light Column-your column of light that matches the color of most Selenite specimens! This is the key to the main healing property of Selenite-to stabilize, cleanse and raise the frequency of  the Light Column, feeding the Soul, resulting in ascension. 

I find that Selenite is also great for pain, cancer, bruises, blood flow, heavy energy blocks, and dehydration.Its frequency is so high, that lower frequencies of  cancer, pain, etc., transmute into and light. Selenite is a great cleanser for the Higher Chakras (Heart and up), since these Chakras will automatically clear, causing entropy to the highest frequency possible. This allows the Physical and the Soul to better communicate and  come together as One. It also creates a space for healing to take place, the transmuting of lower frequencies, and when placed at the 4 corners of the Therapy Table Selenite creates a feeling similar to being in a floatation tank. (Please be sure to place a grounding Crystal, Hematite or Lodestone below the feet at the Earth Star Chakra in order to stay grounded if you are creating a floating tank.)

This is a lower priced Crystal that is often overlooked for that mere fact alone, but it is an extremely important piece that should be in your environment and tool box! I teach to meditate or communicate with your Crystals in order to discover the best way in which to use them. Selenite is an exception-with one of the highest frequencies in the Crystal world (approx. 244 hz depending on the size), it is ‘Crystal Clear’ what it should be used for. 


Thoughts on Doreen

Give Doreen a Break

Jessica Garcia, June 2019

Many have asked me my thoughts on Doreen Virtue’s shift in ideology regarding Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Oracle and Tarot Cards-basically her life’s work. She has publicly turned her back on this work due to becoming a Born Again Christian, and even speaks out against Cards and Angels being evil, trickery, etc. I have been asked about this topic many times because I am a clear and open Channel for the Angels and Higher Realms.  She quotes the Bible and Jesus, and says that she is not making any money from her new work and beliefs. Many of her Students, Fans, Followers and Readers have been left confused and frightened over the last couple of years, not knowing what to believe or what to do with their Cards, Certifications, Meditations and connection with the Angels and Ms. Virtue. This Blog entry are my thoughts, insights and clarity regarding this issue.

First off, it is important to remember that all Spiritual Leaders, including Doreen are human and have many of the same issues that the general population deal with on a daily basis. The difference is that they have a platform and have done deep work (most of the time) in order to ascend and become enlightened, and are led to pass that on to others publicly. I am cheering loudly for Doreen as she has found the healing frequency and life path that has finally given her freedom from the trauma of her past, and led her bring her life and healing to another level! Could this have been done by her and her team in a gentler and softer manner? Yes, most likely-but it did not happen that way. As a Born Again Christian, one’s life is modeled after the Bible and all else is put to the side. I am not an expert, but that is the short and simple form. She came out and used her voice, shared her newfound truth, and humbly retracted most if not all of the work she has done in her life, in order to share her story of finding Jesus and devoting her life to him. That is all she has done. She made a paradigm shift and shared her truth with the Public, and was judged and attacked by most of her devoted Tribe! I am not religious, but I do channel Jesus-the new chapter of her life sounds a bit like the life of Jesus, does it not??? Who are we to judge her?

Those who are pissed off at her, I believe had been made to rethink about their own beliefs in Angels, Oracle, etc. If a person chooses to follow someone, learn from them and buy all of their products, they should be learning not emulating! I have been a fan of Doreen’s for years, I gathered the guts to come out publicly as an Angel Channeler, Psychic, Medium and more because of her. I probably have most of her Decks and Books, but that does not mean that I follow every word she says, or judge her due to something I might perceive as amiss or a wrong move. I am a fan, not a clone. What she has done for me may be different from what she has done for you, and I will not judge her new life path. I have completely turned my back on certain aspects of Healing Modalities or Guides-it’s called growth or Paradigm Shifts! Has my delivery always been gentle and clear-oh heck no…..

I am a Channel for the Angelic Realm, Ascended Master Realm, Ancestral Realm and a few other Higher Realms, as well a a Card Reader. My outlook and understanding of what I do and love has not changed because Doreen’s beliefs have. What I know for sure is that the Higher Realms, especially the Angelic Realm, is nothing but a high frequency Realm that is filled with Angels and ArchAngels that want nothing more to do than teach us and help us heal from our traumas and free will. There are no low frequencies amongst the Angels and Ascended Masters-that is impossible according to ArchAngel Michael. And Tarot Cards? I love them!!!!  Although I am more fluent in Oracle Readings, I love Tarot and have learned from some of the best! Yes, including Doreen Virtue. 20 years ago, I would have told everyone that they were nuts if they actually thought Angels could talk and could be seen! And I was a very Spiritual person even back then, but my path was different, just as healing and humble, but not filled with AA Michael and AA Metatron, etc.

My point is, leave Doreen Virtue alone. She has made paramount changes in her life and spirituality-just like all the rest of us have, except she has done it publicly. She has finally received the healing and ideology that brings her even greater joy and peace than she ever thought. Who are we to get in the way of that?


Healing is not Curing


I had a beautiful conversation with a Client the other day, and I am grateful for her awareness due to that being the result of the Oncology Reiki and Divine Intentional Healing over the past year. She came to me as a referral from another Healer who knew that I did Oncology Reiki, and she was hopeless, at the end of her rope…..She just wanted help, and to not be filled with hopelessness.

I have been in business for a long time-but I am only human and felt alot of self imposed pressure. All she wanted to do was to go to an Elton John concert and 2 vacations, and if she was lucky she wanted to host 1 last of her infamous Xmas parties. She came to me wanting to emotionally feel better, so she and her family could enjoy time, and they would be ok. That is exactly what she received-over and over again.

During her last office visit (I will be doing house calls from now on), she thanked me for all that we have done together so far, especially “her” Crystal Bowl-which she looked forward to every 3 weeks! She then wanted to make it clear to me that initially she knew that OR & DIH were not “cures” for her, they were a chance for her to heal the parts of her that needed to be healed. I told her to get out of my head! LOL! I teach that alot in Classes and share with others as well. She was and still is grateful for what the Healing Energies granted her-time, her family coming into acceptance, healing with “her” Crystal Bowl, and a higher awareness of her life and those within it.

I share these words with you because my beloved Client truly understood what Reiki, Crystals, Sound Healing and Angelic Healing is all about-Healing what needs to be healed. The Healing Practitioner holds space while Healing Frequencies are channeled into and around the Client. Any good Practitioner will tell you that as they Channel, the physical body comes to a point of complete relaxation due to the nervous system being slowed down. This state of relaxation allows the Physical and Emotional Bodies to release the blocks that are causing distress in the Body/Mind/Soul. Healers are not surgeons that can operate and remove Tumors and Bone Spurs-but we can do Energetic Surgery in order to cut or release the energy continuing to cause the issue. Reiki is Spiritual Life Force Energy, that has an innate sense where it is needed, and our Physical Body also has that innate sense of flowing into optimum health at that time. This is how healing works-it is not a cure. Believe me, I wish it was a cure!!!

I cannot pick and choose what gets healed in my body or anyone else’s. There are too many variables at play; whether it be Life Chart, Highest Good, a person’s choice, or continued immersion in a toxic life. If we could pick and choose, we would live in Utopia and never die! All healing begins at the Etheric Level, then moves into the Emotional Level, then possibly into the Physical Level. Energy creates blocks, which create illnesses, which create issues all of sorts. So, it is necessary to focus on the Aura and Chakras, for that will cause flow into the organs and bones. Then maybe, just maybe we can focus on the physical even more. I am not the Ruler of the Healing Universe-I am writing what I know, what I experience and what I have been taught & teach others. There are many out there who will disagree wildly, and that is alright with me. I am grateful for my work, my teachings and most of all my Clients who remind me on an ongoing basis that Cure and Healing are 2 different aspects of life.