Crystals add an incredible  healing energy to any treatment, whether it be a Crystal Layout, Chakra Balancing or Reiki with Crystals. I use a variety of crystals depending on the issue at hand, and they have all been cleared after each treatment, so they are ready to "rock" and roll!  (had to say it)  What makes a Crystal Healing session so complete is the fact that Crystals are perfect geometric shapes, so they do not change their energetic frequency and all they do is emit healing energy. We, on the other hand, are not perfect geometric shapes, thus our energy field is constantly changing, resonating with whatever energies are around us. Have you ever walked into a room where there are 2 people who do not enjoy each other's company? You can feel the "stress" in the room, correct? Well, that is the energy of the individuals and they are resonating with each other to create a huge "negative" energy in the room, and you walk in and BAM! you get hit with it-this can make you stressed or angry as well if you do not leave right away.....We are constantly changing energetically due to other's energies, computers and electronics, the weather, emotions, etc. What Crystal Healing can do is bring us back energetically to a positive energetic state, a relaxing state where our bodies can heal, heal, heal and not be so vunerable to outside energetic infulences. This occurs by the Crystals re-aligning your energetic frequencies, which can remove emotional blocks, cause soul healing and spiritual growth through the Crystal entrainment. Crystal Healing is a deeply relaxing, rejuvinating, clothing on therapy.  I truly enjoy doing Crystal Healings, as I can watch the transformation of my clients as they are on the table and when they stand up, I can feel their energy field totally different than when they came in. The average treatment is 1 hour, but can last up to 1 1/2 hours-especially if I add Reiki after the Crystals are removed.